15 Great Australian Startups Kicking Goals

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Industry: Cosmetic 

Founded by Author and Beauty Expert Zoe Foster-Blake – Go-To Skin Care was launched in 2014 and provides certified, cruelty-free beauty products for females. The Brand has now expanded into Grow-To and Bro-To Skincare that caters to the male and baby markets. 

Go-To started as a Direct to Consumer (DTC) business, predominantly focusing on online sales. The business has a strong social media presence that is complemented by Foster Blakes personal presence of over 750,000 followers. Recently the brand launched in the United States.


Industry: Cosmetics

Founded by young gun entrepreneurs Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic in 2014, HiSmile gained massive traction through social media and influencer marketing. Mirkovic and Tomic saw a gap in the oral hygiene market and filled it with there popular teeth whitening kit. The business started and is still operated on the Gold Coast. However, they have expanded their operation to cater for the rest of the world.

HiSimile built a massive social media presence with over 1.3 million followers and saw extensive growth through the use of influences including Conner Mcgregor and Kylie Jenner. Products are sold Direct to Consumer (DTC) through their website hosted on the Shopify platform. HiSimile has been a great success with the founders finding themselves on the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Young Rich List year after year.

Uncle Jack

Industry: Fashion

Uncle Jack Watches was founded by serial entrepreneur Robbie Ball and co-founded by Brandon Ellis. Uncle Jack launched in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. Uncle Jack sell’s stylish unisex watches at an affordable price point. Uncle Jack has been kicking goals and in 2016 won the Australian Business Award for Marketing and Excellence.

Uncle Jack uses social media to drive traffic to their website where they largely sell Direct to Consumer (DTC). A few selected retailers also carry their range. Uncle Jack has a network of ambassadors who provide exposure for their brand.

Keep it Cleaner 

Industry: Fitness/Consumer

Keep it Cleaner (KIC) is the baby of social media starts Steph Clair Miller and laura Henshaw. KIC started as a food blog/ebook and quickly grew to an online lifestyle program that caters for fitness, health, and food. KIC also has a range of health food products that are sold in some of the largest supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles. The founders also run popular live events.

The main KIC business is an online subscription service that gives users access to premium content on their website and app. A standard subscription of $19.47 per month applies however users can choose longer periods for a slight discount. A large social media presence for KIC and both founders help promote growth for the business. KIC also shares free content through Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  

Fit Stop

Industry: Fitness

Fit stop was co-founded by Peter Hull and Richard Bell. Fit Stop started as Hull’s personal gym in a warehouse in Redland Bay, Queensland with a single location and a few pieces of gym equipment however quickly grew. In 2017 Fit Stop transformed into a franchise model and now has locations all around Australia.

Fit Stop operates a franchise model where budding entrepreneurs can start their own business under the Fit Stop brand. Franchise details for Fit Stop are not known however the usual model involves paying an initial lump sum to purchase a location and then a reoccurring franchise fee based off revenue.

Soda Shades

Industry: Fashion

Soda Shades is a relatively new sunglass company that launched in 2018. Soda Shades was founded by Josh Miller, Stephanie Miller, Luke Young and Georgie Saggers. The brand has a unique summer vibe and offers stylish and affordable sunglasses. Better yet, their sunglasses are unisex. 

Soda Shades is a Direct to Consumer (DTC) brand that primarily sells its sunglasses online through their website. Soda Shades heavily uses social media to connect with customers and they have a strong Instagram account that features stunning product photo’s often modelled by the Millers. Soda Shades host’s popular events around Australia and even New York which offers a strong opportunity to build their brand.

Empower Wealth

Industry: Finance/Property

Empower Wealth is a property advisory business that was founded in 2007 by Ben Kingsley. Empower Wealth has won numerous awards throughout the years including Property Investment Advisor of the year – 2018 & 2019. Kingsley and his business partner Bryce Holdaway also host the popular property investment podcast – The Property Couch.  

Empower Wealth is a fee for service advisory with one of their featured products being a property portfolio plan that includes cash flow projections for 40 years. Other services offered by Empower Wealth include Buyers Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planning and SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) advice.

Rethink Investing

Industry: Finance/Property

Rethink Investing was founded in 2014 by avid property investor’s Scott O’Neill. Rethink Investing is a residential and commercial buyers agent service that operates throughout Australia. O’Neill started his career as an Engineer and begun Investing in Property. After building up an impressive property portfolio, O’Neill started Rethink Investing. O’Neill and his wife now have a portfolio of 32 properties valued over 20 million.

Rethink Investing is a fee for service buyers agent that operates throughout Australia. Basically, they will source investment properties for clients and complete the buying process. Clients will pay a fee for this service. Rethink Investing also offer Mortgage broking and Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) services. 


Industry: Tech

Canva began in 2007 when co-founders Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht created an online platform for making school yearbooks. This platform was Fusion Yearbooks, a business that’s still going strong today. Perkins and Obrecht knew that their platform could extend beyond yearbooks and soon they met their third co-founder, Cameron Adams. The trio created Canva as it is today, an online graphic design platform. 

Canva operates a “Freemium” service. This means that users can access their platform for free and start designing. There are limitations with some designs and downloads however users can subscribe to their platform for full access. Subscriptions start at $13.99 per month. As of October 2019, Canva was valued at 3.2 billion dollars


Industry: Media

Found(r) was Found(ed) in 2013 by Nathan Chan as a digital magazine focusing on entrepreneurship. Foundr kick-started itself into life by interviewing Richard Branson. Foundr now offers a podcast, blog and online courses. 

Foundr publishes a digital magazine that is sold to their impressive audience of over 2.2 million people. A single Magazine starts at $4.99 however users can sign up to a monthly subscription for $2.99. Foundr also offers online courses for entrepreneurship.

Radio Karate 

Industry: Media

Although you might not initially recognise the business Radio Karate, I’m sure you’ll know some of the people behind it… and the content they’ve produced. Radio Karate was founded by Tim Bartly, Ryan Shelton, Andy Lee and Hamish Blake. Radio Karate is a TV production company that’s produced some of the most popular shows on Australian TV including Hamish and Andy’s ‘Perfect Holiday’, True Story with Hamish and Andy and the Hamish and Andy Gap Year series.  

Radio Karate’s produces TV shows that are shown on free to air TV throughout Australian, New Zealand and the UK. This business model generally involves selling the rights of the shows they produce to TV networks such as Nine. 

Guzman y Gomez

Industry: Food/Drink

Guzman y Gomez, more commonly known as GYG is a popular Mexican restaurant franchise. GYG was founded by Steven Marks who started his career in Wall Street.

In 2006 MARKS moved to Australia and founded GYG to fill a gap he saw in the market. GYG now has 135 stores throughout Australia, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

GYG operates a franchise business model with a network of 135 stores. Franchise details for GYG are not known however the usual model involves paying an initial lump sum to purchase a location and then a reoccurring franchise fee based off revenue.


Industry: Food/Drink

Lyres is a unique business that sells no-Alcoholic beverages…That taste like their alcoholic counterparts. Lyres range offer’s your favourite spirit in a non-alcoholic option that is particularly popular with the health-conscious person. Lyres was co-founded in 2019 by Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann after seeing a decline in traditional alcohol consumption.

Lyres sell its product direct to consumer (DTC) through their website. They are also are stocked in major bottle shops throughout Australia, New Zealand, The United States and the United Kingdom. Their product can also be purchased through Amazon.

Lyres business is interesting because recent trends have shown that worldwide alcohol consumption is dropping. In 2018 consumption was down 1.5% and a study found that 36% of 16-24-year-olds in full-time study were going dry. 

Sailing La Vagabonde 

Industry: Media

Sailing La Vagabonde is not what you would consider a traditional startup or business. Their primarily a youtube channel that documents the travel adventures of Australian couple Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum (and their Son Lenny) while they sail around the world. 

What sets them apart is their massive audience of over 1.4 million viewers on youtube and equally popular Instagram and Facebook page. Check out their mesmerizing video’s here if you need a bit of an escape. 

Although it started as a small hobby, Sailing La Vagabonde has transformed into a successful business venture. Elayna and Riley have been able to obtain massive viewer support, sales of paid content and e-commerce revenue. Fans of the channel also support them on Patreon and gain access to exclusive content. Fan’s pay a fee over the platform that ranges from $3 – $200 per episode. Sailing La Vagabonde currently has 4,012 supporters and releases a new episode each week. Further revenue comes through their website, where you can purchase sailing guides, merchandise and music. 


Industry: Products/retail

Thankyou started with a simple product and a Big Idea. Their first product was a bottle of water and the ambitious Idea to help end the world water crisis. Thankyou is a social enterprise that commits 100% of its profits to help end world poverty. Thankyou was founded in 2008 by Dan Flynn and Justine Flynn. Over the years the business has expanded its range to now include 55 products and a team of 50 staff.

Thankyou is a product-based business that sells its products on their website and through 5,500 retail outlets including Woolworths and Coles. According to Thankyou own financial reports, in the financial year 2017, they were able to give $853,458.80 to help end world poverty.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this report is based on publicly available information, third party interviews with named persons and open-source searches. Accountants Chat has worked hard to ensure the accuracy of this information however can not make any guarantees that the information is accurate. Last updated 2020.

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